August 11, 2010

New upcycled/recycled creation by my youngest daughter

I just had to share this new creation with you. My 10 y/o daughter was about to throw out one of the cans that premeasured drink mixes like Crystal Light come it when she suddenly had an idea. "Hey mom, I could cut a hole in the lid and make this a bank for my money." Yeah! At least one of my kiddos is thinking of ways to upcycle things that we normally would just toss in the trash. Of course having the love of fabric that I do, I immediately suggested that we cover it with fabric, so off to my scrap pile she went in search of the perfect fabric for her new coin bank. She just loves anything rock n' roll and guitar so she chose this Michael Miller fabric Groovy Guitars. She cut a hole in the lid and I covered the canister part with fabric and done - one super cool upcycled coin back! We love the way it turned out so much that we decided this just has to be a new item in my store. Be looking for some to be available in a couple of weeks. :)

August 10, 2010

A funny moment...

This weekend was pretty eventful in my neck of the woods. I had my booth set up in Searcy at Rhea Lana's from Wednesday through Saturday and then had my sister-in-law's baby shower Sunday. The weekend ended with a hilarious moment that I will share with you at the end of this post, so stay tuned. :) LOL

Here is a picture of my booth in Searcy. I just bought materials yesterday to redo it and I hope it turns out. I'm getting way too many dresses, shirts and onsies to just hang them on the lattice at the back and those panels are getting too heavy and large to haul around anymore. They come apart in 4 sections (2 4x4 panels hinged together makes 1 section), but they still take up too much room and being solid wood are far too heavy for all the shows I'm doing lately. I am still sticking with the lattice, but moving to a white vinyl version so it's lighter weight and I am making PVC frames for them. I'm also making a 2-tier clothing rack out of PVC that I can take apart into 4 sections so it slides easinly into my vehicle and is easy to transport. I should have this done sometime this week so it is ready for The Memphis Flea Market in Jacksonville this weekend. I'll also have a friend with me this weekend who will share my booth space with me. She is selling her Sentsy stuff - you know those awesome smelling decorator wax burners. booth is going to smell wonderful this Saturday and Sunday!!! LOL

This is a picture of my youngest daughter who attended the event with me. On Wednesday, she decided to stand up in one of those flimsy little folding chairs I take along for sitting and of course it collapsed on her. She was complaining of a lot of pain and not being able to move her wrist without it hurting. I figured she had just sprained it really well, but wanted to stabilize it since she is so active. Mommy McGyver to the rescue! I made a homemade splint out of a couple of my skirt hangers and some tulle on a roll that I keep with me. Not the most glorious bit of work I've done and it looked a bit strange, but it did the job nicely. I had given her some ibuprofen and told her to keep it elevated. She decided that having the hook on the skirt hanger attached to her arm was kind of cool after all. She hooked it around the lattice on my display so she didn't have to put any effort into keeping the wrist elevated, lol.

As I mentioned, Sunday we had a baby shower for my SIL. My mother-in-law, other sister-in-law and myself made her baby bedding for her. She is doing the room in Razorback and told me she just HAD to have one of my Minky and Razorback blankets for the baby, so we took that and ran with it, doing the blanket, bumper and bedskirt. She was an avid basketball player and her husband LOVES football, so the print we used work perfectly.

Here is a pic of my SIL showing off her baby bump by the food table. I think she looks awesome for this being her third child! By this time on my 3rd, I looked like the Goodyear blimp, lol. The diaper cake in the middle was made by a couple of ladies from her church.

This is her best friend, who is also pregnant, playing one of the games at the shower. These two have been besties since they could walk.

I just had to put this picture in here too. This is my SIL and MIL. Don't you just love the looks on their faces, lol!

And finally, that hilarious moment I was telling you about! My oldest daughter went to stay all night with a friend who is about to move. We thought my youngest daughter and son were back in his room watching a movie, but noticed that things got very quiet. We went to peek in my son's room to find my daughter sleeping in the floor but no little boy. Where was he? Well, my husband found him - in his sister's closet. By the sound of my husband's voice, my son had done something simply horrid. I headed down the hall to see my husband holding my son up off the ground but as far away from him as possible and headed to the bathroom. I joined them just as he placed our son in the tub and got to see what all the commotion was about. I nearly peed on myself laughing! Of course my husband saw nothing hilarious in my son's appearance whatsoever. He had found his sister's hot pink fingernail polish and decided that he wanted to paint his toes! He sees mommy and his sisters doing it all the time, so why not? LOL Well, his legs were nearly covered in the mess and he had spots on his torso and arms as well. I was the recipient of many dirty looks as I could barely get the fingernail polish remover and help get the polish off of him because I was laughing so much while my husband was trying to scold our son. How dare he try to paint his toes - hot pink no less!!

Now that I have given you something to smile about today, I must be off. I have medical reports and custom orders waiting. Have a great day. :D

August 9, 2010

I made a new outfit!

This week was another busy one! I had custom orders to complete and I set a booth up at Rhea Lana's in Searcy from Wednesday through Saturday. While I was there, I did a ton of keychains and a few other new items that I'll show you below. We also had my sister-in-law's baby shower yesterday. With all of that and my medical reports, I have had one super busy week. This one doesn't seem to be shaping up to be much less hectic. I am setting up at The Memphis Flea Market in Jacksonville this weekend and am redoing my booth displays. Since I have so many more dresses and now the appliqued tops and outfits, I am heading to Home Depot to buy the supplies to make a three-tier clothes bar to make the most out of my booth space. I am also redoing my backdrops that I use to display some of my stuff. I have been using wooden lattice backdrops my husband made for me which work great but they are a bit on the heavy and awkward side. When I first started, I was driving an Explorer so they fit just fine still leaving me enough space to stack other things on top of them. Now, however, I drive a Journey and, while the fit just fint, I don't have the space to stack much on top of them. So, I am changing to a lighter weight vinyl lattice and making a light weight easy to set up frame. I'm rather anxious to see how it turns out!

I shipped out a few custom orders this week including this bracelet which was an order on Etsy.

I also did a couple of Razorback hooded towels for a local customer. This picture just shows what the towel looks like on (and I just like to show off my super cute little man, lol).

This is what her towels looked like.

And this is the personalization on the back under the hood. My embroiderer, Mindy, did these for me while I was out on vacation. I had my hubby drop the towels off with her so when I got home I just had to add the Razorback fabric and ship them out. It worked out great and the customer just loved them, which is the best part of all. ;)

I also had her embroider another towel for me that I sold on Etsy just as I was leaving town.

My first order in Searcy was for 2 Razorback wall hangings. I had an "E" already done and for sale in the booth so she purchased it and I made an "H" for her as well. Here is the "H"

I found a few shirts on sale while I was in Branson and brought some along with me to applique while at Rhea Lana's and this is one that I made while there. Isn't it cute? The shirt is by JK Baby and is normally $12. I have added frayed applique and passed my savings on to my customers. This shirt is for sale for $15. It is a 12 month. I also have a 24 month that I have not put anything on if you would like one in that size.

And here, is the outfit I am most excited about! I found the top and skimmers on sale in Branson. I let out the cuff on the pants and added a zebra ruffle to the bottom of each pant leg to make some super cute capris. Then I added a peace sign applique to the top in the same zebra fabric. Isn't it just adorable??!! The top and pants are by Jumping Beans and are normally $12 each. I am selling this outfit for $25. It is a girl's size 5.

Well, those are all the sewing pictures I have for the last week. I took pictures of the keychains but don't want to load you all down with those, lol. I must be off now. Time to head into Conway to purchase my supplies for my new booth displays and pick up some fabric for some custom dress orders! See you all later. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

August 1, 2010

Hello out there...

Oh my, it has been way too long since I have posted here! Things have been so absolutely crazy in so many different areas that I forget to get on here and post or I have my hands in the middle of something and can't get to it. Seems I'm always in the middle of something these days (sigh). With the kids, a full time job and my sewing......well, the time just seems to slip away.

I think I am going to try to post at least a little something each day about what that day has brought in my life and what new things I have been creating. With 3 kids in the house, one of which is a 2 y/o, something funny or crazy is always happening. I think making this more of a place where I can journal about the happenings of my life, is more of the direction I want to take this blog.

I also have been trying to decide just what it is I want this blog to be. It needs to help promote my business but I want it to also show people a bit of who I am as a person instead of just posting the same photos I post on Etsy and Facebook with the same information in it. I need to use it to promote what I do, but I don't want to post the exact same information I do everywhere else either. To me that's boring and its spammy and I really don't want people thinking I am trying to spam them. :)

I also want the look of my blog to be much more creative and represent more of me and not just look like a boring landing spot on the web. These templates are so very boring! I seriously need the help of someone who writes HTML. I love to design the look myself and have the software to create the background, banners and such; it's just writing the code so it all goes just where I want it that seems to be a problem. If you have experience in this area or have any tips PLEASE let me know!!!

So, in the spirit of making this a daily journaling, sharing spot for me, here is a short run down of some of the recent happenings in my life. I know, you're thrilled, right! All those months of no posting and your going to sum it up now?? LOL. Well, to keep it short, we're going to stick to the last few days, lol.

This last week, we have been in Branson at my mother's. I have not been able to stay here for more than a couple of days on the weekend here and there because there has been no reliable internet connection at their house. My brother has a router with a booster so he can pick up signal from those in the neighborhood who don't have secured networks in order for them to have internet at the house without paying an arm and a leg. Not the way I would advise one to get their internet, but it isn't my decision to make for them. Well, inevitably I end up going home earlier than planned in order to complete my "real" work (medical transcription) which requires me to have internet. Before this last trip, I decided I was not going to end up making the 3 hour trip back home at the last minute to allow me just enough time to get my work done because my brother's internet system had failed me yet again, so I changed my internet over the AT&T laptop card so I knew I would be able to work without relying on his internet. Wouldn't you know it, this entire week I have had a full signal but my internet has been as slow as dial up, which is making me absolutely nuts. I seriously do not have the time to sit here waiting on a job to load - UGH! All this time, however, my brother's internet has kept a strong signal and worked the entire time!!! Seriously??? If I had not changed my internet, I long ago would have had to head back to Arkansas because of a lack of internet signal. I switch to a more expensive internet service and now his works the entire time. Go figure! AT&T is definitely going to be hearing from me this week, though. No way am I going to spend $20 a month more for my internet and have to sit here waiting....and waiting.....and waiting in order to get my work done. I just don't have the time (or the patience, lol).

Since I was able to stay longer this time, I was able to have breakfast and spend a few hours with a good friend whom I hardly ever get to see and it was great. I wish we had more time to sit and talk. We took the kids to Silver Dollar City and boy was it HOT! We decided, of course, that the first thing to do was ride one of the water rides. Once we got wet, it wasn't so bad. Everyone had a good time and, as usual, the day ended before we could do everything we wanted. We also attended the wedding of one of my husband's close childhood friends while we were here and it was beautiful, as was the bride. :) It was great seeing several people I had not seen in years and hanging out with some adults for a change, lol. We had never met the woman he was going to marry until after the wedding was over. After watching them together for just a short time, however, they seem perfect for eachother and I wish them many happy years together. She lives fairly close to us and he now will be closer to us as well so I am hoping we will all be able to get together more often. Maybe we can start our own monthly Texas Hold 'em tournament. I know he and my husband would really enjoy that and I must say that I enjoy a night of it myself, lol.

We also did a ton of back to school shopping while here and saved a ton of money - yeah! I think I just about have everything done - well, until they actually start school and the teachers tell them some other things they need to get! Seems they never manage to get everything on the list that should be there. On top of being able to still do my regular job while here, I have received several orders for my sewing business, which is awesome. I truly believe that I need to leave town more often as that seems to be when I get the majority of my orders, lol. Since I introduced my hooded towel, I have sold just a few. Suddenly since last Sunday, I now have orders for 12! I also have had orders for 3 more pillowcase dresses and maybe one bed canopy, though I have not heard for certain on that one yet. I'll be one busy beaver when I get home!

Home. I love to get away, but I love to return! We head home today and I must say that I can't wait to get back. Well, that means I must get off of here. I have at least a 3 hour drive ahead of me, a few hours of typing that needs to be done and some embroidery to pick up tonight so I can mail out some orders. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

January 14, 2010

New lower prices

This year, I am working to make items in my shop cost less for my customers. I have found some new suppliers where I can get fabrics and such at a much lower cost than I had been using and I am passing the savings on to you. :)

I have lowered the prices of all Minky blankets already this year and now I have lowered the price of all my childrens aprons as well. Take a peek at the aprons below. You can click on the pictures to be taken to that item in my store.

For the little Princess in your life who loves to cook,
craft, or do anything where you need to keep her
clothes looking nice and clean.

For the Rock and Roll diva

And, of course, for the ultimate Razorback fan!

Booty time

While looking through the forums on Etsy today, I ran into this cool shop ImoTime. This seller makes clocks out of all sorts of things cool and unusual and I just love it. Here is one of the very unusual clocks found in this store

Its called 36 - 24 - 36. Now who would have ever thought of taking a discarded body form and turning it into a clock? Just goes to show you that there are some very imaginative and creative people floating around Etsy land. When I have a minute or two, I love to see what unique items I can find and I am never disappointed. It is hard to believe that when I first signed up with Etsy, there were only about 30,000 users! That number has increased so much. As of today, Etsy is only 11 shops short of the 200,000 mark!!! WOW! I believe if you can't find it anywhere else, you can definitely find it on Etsy. If you have trouble finding what your after, you can go to the custom section of Etsy and create a post asking for your item to be made.

Anyway, the seller of this clock started a thread in the Etsy forums asking "Do you know anyone who is 36-24-36?" Those were the days! You see, I used to be these exact measurements. Of course 3 kids later, I am far from that figure! I know I can get closer to that number if I just had or rather made the time to get up and exercise. Of course with all the booty time I spend - typing for a living and then sewing for my Etsy shop require a TON of this - it's a wonder I am not big as a horse, lol. I guess that will have to be one of my goals for the year - taking time to exercise on a regular basis - ok, at least a somewhat regular basis. ;)

Speaking of booty time, mine was a bit productive yesterday. I finished a pink and brown argyle print minky blanket for a toddler which turned out quite cute. I didn't snap a picture because I figured I'd be getting it back to sew up the side as I had to leave it open for it to be monogrammed on. I also did a blue and white minky pillow case for a customer who is giving it to a niece who has a cloud themed room and I finished a pink and brown zebra blanket I will be adding to the store hopefully today.

Well, we are going to keep it shorter today (you are cheering, I know, lol) because I need to get some of these doctor reports typed before the older kiddos are home from school. The hubby and I are going to look at a house and some land this evening so I won't have as much time to get things done later. Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day. :)

January 12, 2010

2010 is shaping up be a great year here at Simplie Girlie. Here we are only 12 days into the new year and I have already shipped or delivered 1 custom reversible jumper, 1 diaper bag, 3 receiving blankets, 1 minky lap blanket, 3 minky baby blankets and 4 travel pillows. Yeah! I have 3 rooms now to do curtains for, another baby blanket, a toddler blanket, a standard pillow case and a shopping cart cover.

I am in LOVE with Michael Miller's dandy damask fabric in black and have ordered a bunch of this fabric. I am hoping to use it to make some blankets, cart covers, changing pads, burp clothes and a new item I hope to add to the store soon - changing table covers. I have one for my changing table that my mother made with my first child 13 years ago! Needless to say, it is time for an update and I am going to do one with a minky fabric edged with a western print since he has a cowboy room. I can't wait to make one with hot pink dimple dot and the black damask for the shop!

I have a ton of plans for the shop this year. Not only do I want to add the changing table cover, but I want to add cart covers, bibs, burp cloths, diaper bags, receiving blankets, boy's rompers, toddler blankets, lap blankets, several new dress designs and more wipe cases. We will see how much of this I actually get done since I have been so busy with custom orders lately and I still do have my transcription to do every weekday. Hopefully, I will get to do some of these things soon.

I have added some new blankets to the shop this week. Click the previews to be taken to the shop for more information and/or purchase.

I am will have a brown and pink zebra blanket ready to sew and it should be in the store soon. I also will have the zebra and the toile above with red minky done soon as well so be on the lookout for those.

I wanted to share with you the picture of the diaper bag and receiving blankets I sent out this weekend, a picture of two of the blankets I delivered this weekend and a picture of a custom lap blanket I sent out last week. I didn't have my camera with me to take pictures of the other 2 blankets or the travel pillows but maybe the buyer will send me some pics later if she has time.

Oh, and this is a blanket I did for a customer as a custom order for Christmas. She just sent me the picture (again, didn't have my camera with me) and I wanted to share. It is a lap blanket made with Razorback fabric and black minky. I love the way this turned out. I also did a similar blanket with a different print for her sister's birthday and hope to have a picture of it to show you soon.

Well, that is it for now. I have reports to type and a little boy who is placing his father's chess pieces on their board (too cute!). Gotta make sure he doesn't break any of them or I'm the one in the doghouse, lol. Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day. :)

Circle of Moms on Facebook | April 2008 Babies

Circle of Moms on Facebook | April 2008 Babies

January 6, 2010

It's official....

I am the world's worst blogger! I know I should really pay more attention to this part of my hobby/business but I get so busy with everything else that posting gets pushed back. Well, hopefully that will change in 2010.

Since my last post, things have been pretty busy around here. We have now moved from Arkadelphia to Vilonia to be closer to my husband's work. Since I can do my job anywhere I have a computer and internet connection, it doesn't matter where we live - which is great. No more daycare bills either - awesome! On top of that, I am actually getting a larger paycheck without the extra expenses involved with working in an office like professional looking clothing (I can now work in PJs- HA!), gas and, as mentioned, daycare. That is sure a relief as we are renting a place here until we find a place we want to buy and still have the mortgage on the house in Arkadelphia. Plus, we have utilities on both places as we are going back every few weeks or so to work on the other house. We still have a ton of things to get done to it before we sell or rent it out. We were in the middle of a remodel that seems to take forever when you are living in it and doing it all yourself so the house still has much to be done to it.

I have had several orders since I last posted and those have kept me super busy as well, especially when you add it to the full time job, being mommy, etc. So, here are some photos of a few things I have done since I last posted.

I did two crib sets for a customer who is adopting but doesn't know the sex of the baby yet, so she wanted a set for each. I just love the fabrics used. Not everything is shown here, but I did 2 crib skirts, two bumpers, three crib sheets, 2 burp clothes, 2 blankets and 2 reversible bottle koozies.

This is a curtain panel set I did as a custom order for a customer in Maryland. Since this set was completed, she has now ordered 2 panels for her dining room and 6 for her bedroom. She is sending me the fabric she wants to use and I am doing all the sewing. This set turned out better than I thought they would as they are made from burlap. I am starting the dining room panels this week and we are still working out the details on the bedroom panels.

I added my key fobs/wristlets to the store and have sold a few on Etsy as well as locally. Here are pictures of the ones I have for sale on Etsy. I also have a custom listing for those who want a different fabric/color combination.

I've also added new packaging to my initial bracelets and had several orders for these for Christmas. I also sold a couple pairs of my initial earrings.

I did several lap blankets in the last couple of months as well. The ones shown here are 3 of 4 that I did and shipped to Texas. I couple of lap blankets made like my cotton and minky dimple dot blankets you can see in earlier posts but I wasn't able to snap pictures of them before I delivered them. They did turn out rather nice though. Both used black minky dimple dot but one was done in a Razorback print while the other was in an elegant black with white swirly leaf pattern.

I did this minky dimple dot set for a local customer. She wanted a blanket for a toddler bed but wanted it larger than a baby blanket so I did this one 40x50 inches. I did the dimple dot on both sides of the blanket and then made a matching standard size pillow case as well as a travel pillow to match.

I had an order for one of the aprons I had in my shop. She wanted an applique and wording added to it to give to a family member who just opened her own cake decorating business. I love the way it turned out and they were very pleased with it as well.

I had an order for a spa wrap. She wanted straps added to it so this is what I came up with. Sorry I don't have a picture of the wrap unfolded or on a "model."

I also just finished this cute little dress. It is going to be worn by the little girl for her one year photo shoot. I am glad someone finally chose to use this toile fabric in a dress as this is something I have wanted to do for some time but haven't been able to get to. I hope she sends me a picture of the little girl when she is wearing it.

I also did several wooden name sets and blankets over the holidays for family but I will post those pictures another day as I have probably bored you to death already, lol. :)

Well, there you have it. All those orders on top of moving, the holidays and a full time job - whew! This year is shaping up to be pretty busy as well. I already have orders for travel pillows, a baby blanket, the curtains mentioned earlier, a shopping cart cover, a fleece blanket, 2 LSU jumpers, 1 LSU romper, 1 HSU jumper, possibly a chiffon pettiskirt (you know, those super frilly, super cute ones that are so popular right now) and I have the window treatments for a local customer's sunroom.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and I wish you all the best in 2010. Have a wonderful and blessed day!