March 28, 2011

Back again

Hopefully this time for good and hopefully this time I will stay active. I find it increasingly hard to balance the need to promote my Etsy shop and its items as well as make said items, keep my transcription done, keep up with my now nearly 3 y/0, etc., etc. There is so much to do these days that I often wish each day had more hours in it, lol. I am in the midst of taking an E-course on promoting my Etsy shop through the use of various social media including this blog, so hopefully that will whip me into shape and show me ways to get my items recognized by the public while taking up as little of my day as possible. So, be on the lookout for postings about new items, relisted items, etc. I hope that I will also find the time to post a bit about myself and family to try to keep this blog more personal and not so much just "here's my stuff." I know that my customers like to know who exactly it is behind the product, so I'd like to use this space to be more personal. If you have any tips for being consistent in your blogging, please feel free to share! I need all the help I can get, lol. You may wonder what else has kept me so busy that I have not made the time to post. Well, since my last posting, we have purchased a house in Conway and naturally moved. The entire process was extremely nerve racking. We put in our original offer in August and did not get to the actual closing until nearly Christmas. Four months of back and forth, round and round and all because underwriters are so very hard to deal with any more. Paperwork that was filled out and/or submitted magically disappeared from their desk and had to be resubmitted. All the gov regs have made it a much larger hassle to purchase a house, that is for sure. I hate to see what hoops we are going to have to jump through to sell our house in Arkadelphia - ugh! I am still working on getting walls painted and rooms just how I want them. I do have my office painted and nearly completely set up and our bedroom is painted with new curtains hanging. I have purchased a new headboard and am waiting for my husband to have the time to go pick it up. I will have to do a post about that with before and after pics of my bed. I absolutely hate the bed we are in now for quite a few reasons including the fact that it clashes terribly with the bedding and overall look of the room. You'll see what I mean when I blog about it. I found this lovely dark wood headboard completely by chance while searching for a long, tall sofa table for our living room. It is absolutely georgeous and fits the look of my bedroom perfectly. It also was an absolute steal at $100! I can't wait to get it set up and in use. I will have to wait until my husband can build the platform for our mattress though, so it will be a while before I actually have my headboard in use even after we get it home. The girls are dying to get their rooms painted and I am trying to choose a color for my kitchen. I want to go with a sage green for my kitchen walls but my husband is really not liking that idea because he hates green, which is funny because his eyes are green - go figure, lol. Anyway, I must get back to the world of transcription and an order for a little girl's bedding that needs to be done by Friday. You simply must see this bedding. It is SO cute. I can't wait for it to be done and put together in her room. I haven't had as much time to sew as I would like lately as my transcription work has greatly increased. I love the extra paychecks but I really wish I didn't have to work as many hours at my "real" job and could focus more on my hobby. Oh well, that is the point of all this blogging and posting my things to social media websites - so I can increase traffic and viewing of my handmade items and eventually make it my full time business. Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day (what's left of it at least).