March 31, 2009

Newbie Alert!!

Okay, I am completely new at this (which is really sad considering how much I'm on the net, lol), so please forgive me if this post seems a little elementary! :)

Many of you know that I have been selling my handmade jewelry on Etsy for a couple of years now ( What some of you may not know is that I now also have another store on Etsy where I sell handmade infant and toddler dresses along with a host of other things like bottle koozies, baby blankets, changing pad roll ups, picture pillows and embellished aprons. While I still enjoy making jewelry, I find that I LOVE my sewing even more. Maybe it is just the fact that I have sewn for so many years that it is almost second nature and I feel much more comfortable with the fabric, but returning to my sewing has brought me a great deal of joy. My sewing room has become my place of refuge and renewal. I will continue to list items in my jewelry store and make new pieces from time to time, but I believe my sewing will be my main focus in the years to come.

My hope is that someday I will be able to help my husband support our family by doing what I love so much and not going to work in an office for someone else. Not only would it be wonderful to be my own boss, I would be doing something that I truly enjoy. Of course there would be other advantages too: less gas spent since I don't have to drive to work everyday, less money spent on clothes as I won't have to keep a wardrobe of professional attire, less money spent on daycare as I would be home (yeah!), and being able to help more in the kids schools.

In order to achieve this lofty goal, I must, of course, promote away. So, this blog is dedicated to Simplie Girlie Designs. I will use this blog to promote this business and anything related to it. Hopefully, I will be able to post daily, but we will see. I do have 2 "real" jobs and my family as well! :)