August 10, 2010

A funny moment...

This weekend was pretty eventful in my neck of the woods. I had my booth set up in Searcy at Rhea Lana's from Wednesday through Saturday and then had my sister-in-law's baby shower Sunday. The weekend ended with a hilarious moment that I will share with you at the end of this post, so stay tuned. :) LOL

Here is a picture of my booth in Searcy. I just bought materials yesterday to redo it and I hope it turns out. I'm getting way too many dresses, shirts and onsies to just hang them on the lattice at the back and those panels are getting too heavy and large to haul around anymore. They come apart in 4 sections (2 4x4 panels hinged together makes 1 section), but they still take up too much room and being solid wood are far too heavy for all the shows I'm doing lately. I am still sticking with the lattice, but moving to a white vinyl version so it's lighter weight and I am making PVC frames for them. I'm also making a 2-tier clothing rack out of PVC that I can take apart into 4 sections so it slides easinly into my vehicle and is easy to transport. I should have this done sometime this week so it is ready for The Memphis Flea Market in Jacksonville this weekend. I'll also have a friend with me this weekend who will share my booth space with me. She is selling her Sentsy stuff - you know those awesome smelling decorator wax burners. booth is going to smell wonderful this Saturday and Sunday!!! LOL

This is a picture of my youngest daughter who attended the event with me. On Wednesday, she decided to stand up in one of those flimsy little folding chairs I take along for sitting and of course it collapsed on her. She was complaining of a lot of pain and not being able to move her wrist without it hurting. I figured she had just sprained it really well, but wanted to stabilize it since she is so active. Mommy McGyver to the rescue! I made a homemade splint out of a couple of my skirt hangers and some tulle on a roll that I keep with me. Not the most glorious bit of work I've done and it looked a bit strange, but it did the job nicely. I had given her some ibuprofen and told her to keep it elevated. She decided that having the hook on the skirt hanger attached to her arm was kind of cool after all. She hooked it around the lattice on my display so she didn't have to put any effort into keeping the wrist elevated, lol.

As I mentioned, Sunday we had a baby shower for my SIL. My mother-in-law, other sister-in-law and myself made her baby bedding for her. She is doing the room in Razorback and told me she just HAD to have one of my Minky and Razorback blankets for the baby, so we took that and ran with it, doing the blanket, bumper and bedskirt. She was an avid basketball player and her husband LOVES football, so the print we used work perfectly.

Here is a pic of my SIL showing off her baby bump by the food table. I think she looks awesome for this being her third child! By this time on my 3rd, I looked like the Goodyear blimp, lol. The diaper cake in the middle was made by a couple of ladies from her church.

This is her best friend, who is also pregnant, playing one of the games at the shower. These two have been besties since they could walk.

I just had to put this picture in here too. This is my SIL and MIL. Don't you just love the looks on their faces, lol!

And finally, that hilarious moment I was telling you about! My oldest daughter went to stay all night with a friend who is about to move. We thought my youngest daughter and son were back in his room watching a movie, but noticed that things got very quiet. We went to peek in my son's room to find my daughter sleeping in the floor but no little boy. Where was he? Well, my husband found him - in his sister's closet. By the sound of my husband's voice, my son had done something simply horrid. I headed down the hall to see my husband holding my son up off the ground but as far away from him as possible and headed to the bathroom. I joined them just as he placed our son in the tub and got to see what all the commotion was about. I nearly peed on myself laughing! Of course my husband saw nothing hilarious in my son's appearance whatsoever. He had found his sister's hot pink fingernail polish and decided that he wanted to paint his toes! He sees mommy and his sisters doing it all the time, so why not? LOL Well, his legs were nearly covered in the mess and he had spots on his torso and arms as well. I was the recipient of many dirty looks as I could barely get the fingernail polish remover and help get the polish off of him because I was laughing so much while my husband was trying to scold our son. How dare he try to paint his toes - hot pink no less!!

Now that I have given you something to smile about today, I must be off. I have medical reports and custom orders waiting. Have a great day. :D

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