August 11, 2010

New upcycled/recycled creation by my youngest daughter

I just had to share this new creation with you. My 10 y/o daughter was about to throw out one of the cans that premeasured drink mixes like Crystal Light come it when she suddenly had an idea. "Hey mom, I could cut a hole in the lid and make this a bank for my money." Yeah! At least one of my kiddos is thinking of ways to upcycle things that we normally would just toss in the trash. Of course having the love of fabric that I do, I immediately suggested that we cover it with fabric, so off to my scrap pile she went in search of the perfect fabric for her new coin bank. She just loves anything rock n' roll and guitar so she chose this Michael Miller fabric Groovy Guitars. She cut a hole in the lid and I covered the canister part with fabric and done - one super cool upcycled coin back! We love the way it turned out so much that we decided this just has to be a new item in my store. Be looking for some to be available in a couple of weeks. :)

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