August 9, 2010

I made a new outfit!

This week was another busy one! I had custom orders to complete and I set a booth up at Rhea Lana's in Searcy from Wednesday through Saturday. While I was there, I did a ton of keychains and a few other new items that I'll show you below. We also had my sister-in-law's baby shower yesterday. With all of that and my medical reports, I have had one super busy week. This one doesn't seem to be shaping up to be much less hectic. I am setting up at The Memphis Flea Market in Jacksonville this weekend and am redoing my booth displays. Since I have so many more dresses and now the appliqued tops and outfits, I am heading to Home Depot to buy the supplies to make a three-tier clothes bar to make the most out of my booth space. I am also redoing my backdrops that I use to display some of my stuff. I have been using wooden lattice backdrops my husband made for me which work great but they are a bit on the heavy and awkward side. When I first started, I was driving an Explorer so they fit just fine still leaving me enough space to stack other things on top of them. Now, however, I drive a Journey and, while the fit just fint, I don't have the space to stack much on top of them. So, I am changing to a lighter weight vinyl lattice and making a light weight easy to set up frame. I'm rather anxious to see how it turns out!

I shipped out a few custom orders this week including this bracelet which was an order on Etsy.

I also did a couple of Razorback hooded towels for a local customer. This picture just shows what the towel looks like on (and I just like to show off my super cute little man, lol).

This is what her towels looked like.

And this is the personalization on the back under the hood. My embroiderer, Mindy, did these for me while I was out on vacation. I had my hubby drop the towels off with her so when I got home I just had to add the Razorback fabric and ship them out. It worked out great and the customer just loved them, which is the best part of all. ;)

I also had her embroider another towel for me that I sold on Etsy just as I was leaving town.

My first order in Searcy was for 2 Razorback wall hangings. I had an "E" already done and for sale in the booth so she purchased it and I made an "H" for her as well. Here is the "H"

I found a few shirts on sale while I was in Branson and brought some along with me to applique while at Rhea Lana's and this is one that I made while there. Isn't it cute? The shirt is by JK Baby and is normally $12. I have added frayed applique and passed my savings on to my customers. This shirt is for sale for $15. It is a 12 month. I also have a 24 month that I have not put anything on if you would like one in that size.

And here, is the outfit I am most excited about! I found the top and skimmers on sale in Branson. I let out the cuff on the pants and added a zebra ruffle to the bottom of each pant leg to make some super cute capris. Then I added a peace sign applique to the top in the same zebra fabric. Isn't it just adorable??!! The top and pants are by Jumping Beans and are normally $12 each. I am selling this outfit for $25. It is a girl's size 5.

Well, those are all the sewing pictures I have for the last week. I took pictures of the keychains but don't want to load you all down with those, lol. I must be off now. Time to head into Conway to purchase my supplies for my new booth displays and pick up some fabric for some custom dress orders! See you all later. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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