September 1, 2009

Who doesn't love dots?

I LOVE dots. No, not like, love! LOL. There is just something so very fun about dots, no matter what size they come in. If you have ever had the chance to look through my fabrics or check out my stuff for sale in my shop, then you can see this love in action.

Well, I am at it yet again. Today, I made this fun blanket and added it to the store. It features white Minky dimple dot fabric and a great Michael Miller disco dot fabric. I absolutely love it. This one was actually one of the hardest for me to give up for sale. I wanted so badly to keep this cutie for myself, LOL. Of course, if I kept every blanket that I made and loved I would have enough that I could use a new blanket practically every day of the year.

I told you it was cute, LOL. I only have the one blanket in this style/pattern so if you can't live without it, you'd best head on over to the store and snag it (you can just click on the last photo to go right to the listing if you want). I have a feeling this one won't be around long. For those of you wondering; yes, I am doing a girl version which should be in the store soon. Of course, I will post here for you to see it as well.

That's all I have for today. Time to get back to reality and do my work. Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day. :)

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