September 11, 2009

A busy week

Well, I listed several new items in the store this week. I tried to do at least one new item per day. Hopefully I will be able to keep this up though I am not sure as you never know what is going to happen around here, LOL. Anyway, here is an overview of what the last few days have brought to the store.

Well, I forgot to show you the key fob that I sent along with the custom order curtains I shipped off to Canada a few days ago. Again, I was in a black and white sort of mood, lol.

Just another three weeks and these will be for sale in my shop so if you have your eye on something, why not get it while you can snag a little something for yourself and get it for free?! Sounds like a good idea to me, lol.

Later in the week I got back to the world of color. I made and listed these letters in the store. I have done one for my office that I will show you later as I am using the image for my custom listing on these. I also am working on doing the girl's names. Theirs will be in a zebra print with the sides painted hot pink and I can't wait to get those done as they will be featured in my custom shop listing too.

Anyway, I did one letter for a boy's room in blue and brown and one letter for a girl's room in pink and brown since these still seem to be the predominant colors in nursery themes.

I really enjoy doing these as I am still able to be creative yet get to do something besides sew. As much as I love to sew, it is nice to do something a little different once in a while. I haven't been into my paint box in quite some time so it was very nice to play with them once again.

Funny how this sort of stuff never feels like work to me in the least. I always feel like it's playtime, lol. Now, if only someday it will pay the bills. Now THAT would be the best thing ever as far as I am concerned. Supporting your family by doing something that you love so much that it doesn't feel like work. Don't we all wish for that. Imagine how much nicer the world would be if we all loved what we did for a living!

I am particularly fond of my last project this week. I have always wanted to add some hair accessories to the store to go with my dresses and have been planning on doing matching fabric headbands to pair with the dresses for what seems like forever.

Well, I did finally make a hair accessory and it is a headband, but I did not use fabric for this one. Everywhere you look these days, you see these large flowers showing up in little girl's hair, so I decided to make a version of my own and came up with this.

Instead of using the already covered headbands, crocheted headbands or other stretchy headbands that so many sellers are using, I decided to make my headband a bit more dressy and covered it with satin ribbon, by hand of course. I also never did care for using glue on my hair pieces since the glue never seems to hold up no matter what type you use, so I handstitched my flower petals on and then handstitched some Swarovski crystal beads into the center for just a hint of bling. I believe it turned out rather cute myself :).

I think I may have actually finally made something completely girly that my tomboy daughter will actually wear! (gasp) I have several other colors I am in the process of doing so be on the lookout for more of these.

I also fed my fabric obsession some more this week, but I will get to that another day. :) I am sure I have bored you all long enough today, lol. Plus, I still have things that need to get done, so I shall say good-bye for now.

I hope you all have a have a wonderful and very blessed day. :)

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