August 28, 2009

Are you obsessed? I am.

Not in a bad sort of way (at least in my opinion anyway :D). I am obsessed with my crafty work. I love the entire process from choosing the raw materials to completing a project and seeing the final product. I LOVE it. Yes, i am obsessed with it.

It doesn't really matter what medium I am working with either; sewing, paper crafting, scrapbooking, embroidery, cross stitching, painting, etc. I am obsessed with the thrill of taking something simple and turning it into something special, especially when that something is on its way to someone else's home. I consider it an honor that someone likes something I have made enough that they want to purchase it and make it their own, or give it as a gift to a special someone.

Speaking of items on their way to a new home, I mailed off a custom order today and I love the way they turned out. Here are a couple of pictures I took before I packaged them up and sent them on their way. They are reversible, so the second shot is the inside of each of the items from the first shot, in the same order.

So what do you think? I just love them, and I hope the buyer does too. :) I didn't snap a picture of her free gift so I can't show you it but I have a feeling she will like it as well.

This brings me to my other obsession - fabric. As one of my friends so "lovingly" pointed out the other day, I can't go near a store with fabric in it without finding something that I just "have" to have, LOL. Well, yesterday was no exception. I had to take a trip out of town to get more velcro for the koozies above. Of course I run out in the middle of the project and my local supplier has decided to carry nothing but sticky back velcro, which is not at all kind to a sewing machine needle. Anyway, I went to one store and couldn't find what I was needing. However, I did find some wide zebra grosgrain ribbon that my friend and I have been trying to find for the past few weeks, so I had to buy all of it on the shelf (no it wasn't all for me!). I figured I had best grab it while the getting was good and at 50% off there is no way I was passing it up! Of course, I also found this fabric that I had been searching some time for as well. It is a black and white giraffe print so when I saw it I had to buy some of that as well.

Well, I moved on to my second and last store to try to find my velcro and, hooray!, I found it. I also found (you guessed it) more fabric, LOL. I saw these two prints and knew they just had to come home with me as well. Can you blame me??

I also came home with some materials for a new item I am going to start carrying in the store. I have decided to make some custom decorated letters up for sale in my shop. I have mine almost done and all the materials to do the girls names to match their room. I already made some for my son's room months ago. I will use the photos of these to make a custom listing in the store. I also bought letters to spell out "baby" that will be done in a gender neutral black and ivory patterns. Hopefully, I will have my custom listing up in the store sometime next week and, of course, I will have photos to share with you here as well.

I need to get my medical reports finished now, so I will leave you with this final thought. Find your obsession. Find it and hold on to it. Nurture it. You will be glad you did. :)

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!


  1. I love your fabric that you use. You have good taste! You are so talented!

  2. Thanks, you're so sweet :) How is the sewing coming for you?