April 27, 2011

Spring storms

The last few weeks have brought more rain and storms then I care to think about. Monday night, my neighborhood was hit with a tornado and things have been pretty crazy around here. I live in Black Oaks Ranch Estates which has been shown on even national news channels as most homes here have been completely destroyed. We all have Conway addresses, but since we are in the Vilonia School District and are on Vilonia's water system, we are considered a part of Vilonia. We are still without power and who knows when it will be back on. We have had a good friend bring us a generator but they lost power in the storms that came through last night so we will be taking it back to them if they don't have power back on today. We were one of the few very fortunate families out here in that we had very minimal damage. We have been extremely thankful for that fact, but our hearts are breaking for those who have lost everything. My kids have many friends here who have lost everything. I hope to have some pictures up for everyone soon but feel my time is best spent helping my neighbors in their time of need. I was trying to post every day and will still attempt to do so. However, they will be very short.