April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had as great a day as I did yesterday.  After hearing a wonderful sermon at church, we came home to finish up getting the house ready for family to come over. Things were a bit delayed, which is usually the case in our family, lol. Luckily, though, the severe weather that Arkansas had yesterday managed to go just to the north of us and we had a beautiful day.  We did get a few sprinkles and a small shower, but nothing that lasted very long.  Instead of the traditional Easter feast including ham, potatoes, etc., we had a family BBQ and I really enjoyed that. I had some left over BBQ nachos for lunch today even - YUM!

I made a sweet little shirt for Jesse and dresses for the girls, though my oldest daughter's dress did not get finished in time for church. I had told her that this year she would be helping in the process and had reminded her daily all week that she needed to cut out her fabric. She didn't cut the last piece out until Easter morning and, while we were very, very close to finishing, we still needed to attach the bodice to the skirt and put in the zipper but ran out of time. I did finish it that evening after most of the family had left, however, and it turned out really nice. I still have those pictures to edit but will hopefully have them for you tomorrow.

I did promise pictures of some new items I have listed on Etsy, so we will do those today. Some of these I just listed today even.

First up is a girls size 6 T-shirt with an appliqued Eiffel tower. I used the frayed applique technique on this one and I believe it turned out very cute. I couldn't applique to the middle of the front of the shirt as it had a gathered neckline, but I think the placement makes it unique and fun. The shirt style also is great for those girls who aren't necessarily your more slender body type. I can make these in 4-6x and even in a couple of diferent colors. If you like this one, you can purchase it here.

Apparently, I have Paris on the brain today because I also listed this super cute Viva le France pillowcase dress today. I made this for the secretary where my husband works as she wanted one for her daughter. Since I was making one, I figured I might as well do a few more!  So, this is available in a 6m, 12m, 18m, 2T and 3T ready to ship. I have more fabric, so making other sizes won't be a problem. You can purchase the 6m or 12m version here and the 18m, 2T or 3T version here.

I'm  really excited about the fact that I now have size tags to put in all my custom creations. Now my customers will no longer have to guess at what size their handmade item is - yeah! These are woven tags, not stamped, screen printed or a ribbon tag with the size painted on it with fabric paint. This means no matter how many times you wash it, you will always know what size it is. :)

I have also added a completely new item to my shop, a Lovie (aka tag-along or security blanket). I have actually had them for nearly a year now, but have just now taken the time to get them listed. They are made with minky on both sides so they are super soft and awesome at resisting staings. I bind them with grosgrain ribbon so they stand up great to those active toddlers! You can find the giraffe one pictured below in my Etsy store here. I can make these in all sorts of patterns and colors so send me an email (simpliegirlie@ymail.com) if you'd like one custom made. :)

Besides the custom birthday short sets that I have already talked about in my last two posts, I am working on getting several short sets listed and ready to go.  These are also going to be available at Monogram It! in downtown Arkadelphia for those of you in that area. I have several plaid versions in the works and some other cute boyish fabrics. There are actually about 10+ pair that I have serged already and just need their elastic casing and hems done and they will be ready to list. Of course, I am also working on some orders in the meantime so it may take me a bit to get them finished up, though I plan on having them done by this weekend for sure. I did list this Boogie Monster set Saturday. I have them in 2T, 3T and 4T. You can choose red, blue or white for the shirt and I will add your little monsters initial or age to the front of the shirt in the same fabric as the shorts. Super cute! Find it here.  

I also listed this adorable Peace sign appliqued t-shirt, tutu and hair bow combination. The bow is made by my friend Anessa Burgard of Vilonia. She does an awesome job and this bow matched the outfit absolutely perfectly. I only have this in a 12month. I do have one more shirt like this in a 3T so I can made you an outfit that size if you'd like. You can find it here.

There are several other items I have listed in the last couple of weeks. I figure for today, you've probably seen enough, lol.  You can visit my online store Simplie Girlie Designs on Etsy anytime day or night. You can send me messages there as well and I try to anwer them ASAP so just send me a note if you have any questions. You can always send me an email to simpliegirlie@ymail.com as well or visit my fanpage on Facebook.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderfully blessed day!

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