April 30, 2009

Spinning in circles

Well, at least that is what I feel like I am doing. Maybe not in circles, as I do get things finished, but definitely spinning - nearly as fast as the wheel on the side of my sewing machine, LOL.

I have all the initial and follow up fittings done for the bridesmaid dresses I am doing for a local wedding and am now officially ready to cut the "real" fabric. Hopefully, I will have those ready for the (crossing fingers) final fitting sometime between Wednesday and Saturday of next week. I am also making some flags for the pews that will be monogrammed so I will be taking them over to the store tomorrow for her to sew on then I have to finish them - very doable though.

(This is a sketch of the bridesmaid dresses I am doing. I have it
backwards here though as the main color is orange with a
pink sash that will tie behind and underskirt.)

I also have the curtains done for 3 rooms of the house I am doing completely finished and helped hang the 2nd set Sunday. I will be delivering the curtains for the 3rd room tomorrow. These are some fun ones! They are for the girl's room and are pink with white dots and zebra, and they are 106 inches tall!!! That is a LOT of fabric, LOL. I hope to have some pictures for you all soon. I will be doing the valances for a bay window in her living room and for the windows in the eating area of her kitchen once I am done with the girl's room. They are an awesome leopard print! Then, only one room left to go!

Other than that, I finished up the order for the lanyards from the alchemy section of Etsy. It turned out that I had to do 175 lanyards total. Whew! that was a lot of denim. I don't think I will ever get all the denim lint out of my sewing area, LOL. I also did another alchemy order for 5 pocket squares (the handkerchief in the pocket of a man's suit) Monday and got them shipped out.

I would have never thought to do pocket squares in red with white dots, which I assume are for a wedding, but I think they will look quite nice. I have been told I have won the bid on another alchemy request, this one for a roll up for make-up brushes, that I will be getting the final order on this weekend. On top of that, I have a custom order for a Razorback dress and another person interested in an adult version of my Razorback apron! Yeah!!!

(Seriously need to retake this picture!)

Things are really picking up for me and I hope the trend continues. There are so many alchemy requests I want to bid on, but I have promised my hubby that I won't seek out any more sewing work before we get the house ready to sell. :( Oh, I about forgot though, I am in the process of submitting a quote to a furniture store to do the decorator pillows for a special furniture order for OBU (crossing fingers again). This could turn out to be a great opportunity for me even after we move, so I am really hoping to get this job.

With all that said, I'd best get back to my sewing machine as these things don't get themselves done for some reason! Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day!


  1. WOW! You are B-U-S-Y!! Your stuff is always cute though. You do a GREAT job!
    Are you guys moving???

  2. Thanks :)

    Yes, we are moving. Probably in the next couple of months if everything works out. Justin has been working in Conway since February but I didn't want to pull the girls out of school before the end of the year.