April 17, 2009

Girl's Easter Dresses and Jesse's Birthday

This year I got to go back to my previous tradition of making the girls Easter dresses! They picked out their fabrics and the dress pattern themselves. I think they turned out pretty good if I don't say so myself, LOL. The little girl in the front is my niece. My mother made her dress.

Of course, I just had to show off my little boy in his Easter outfit. Rather handsome, isn't he? :)

My boy's 1st birthday was this year and it landed on Easter Day. I had this shirt made by the friend I have do all my monogramming. It turned out so very cute, though it is a bit hard to see the whole thing in the picture. He wasn't wanting to sit very still, LOL!

He was so cute when we sand Happy Birthday to him. He kept looking around at everyone with the cutest look on his face. He was clapping so we started clapping too. Of course by the time this picture was taken, he had stopped clapping. Figures!

At first, he just pinched off pieces of icing and ate those.

At this rate, he was going to stay pretty clean. Wow!!

However, before long he decided that it would be much easier just to eat the darn thing!

Oh yeah! Now were talking!

Not long after that, he decided to just try to crawl up on the table and go after the entire cake! We didn't let him though but he did manage to mash his piece of cake!

How fast are you daddy??

Finally, we got all cleaned up and our presents opened. Here he is after all the excitement playing with one of his new toys on my Mother-in-Law's kitchen table.

Even though it was very busy, it was a fun weekend. My husband's mom and dad as well as his siblings families were there. My mom, dad and niece were there as well. So, he had all his cousins there for his first birthday. It isn't very often that all of these people are together at once and it was great to see everyone.

This week, I also finished up the trial run of the bridesmaids dresses and did our first fitting. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out (size wise that is since they aren't made from the final fabric). I have only a few minor changes to make and we're all set to start the real ones. I also finished the curtains for one room of the house I am doing and am finishing up cutting the denim strips for the large order of lanyards. I will try to get pictures for you later.

Well, it is time to get back to my sewing room.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day! :)

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